This is a fun photo contest, that I am a contestant in, just for fun. I hope to glorify Yahweh with these photos. Praise YAHWEH!!!

This contest is created by Megan at A Barefoot Gal Blog.

This is the sixth “Boring Into Beautiful Photography Challenge/Contest“, and my first time in it. •2018-2019•

I am on Team Bear!!!


Here are my entries:

Category 1- Cozy

This isn’t your first thought when you think of cozy, but… This is a cute photo of my sweet little sister snuggled up in a cozy cut jacket that is way too big for her, “reading” her Bible. Silly girl!!! (And yes, she loves to highlight the verses)


Category 2- Candle, candy cane, card, carols, celebrate, chestnuts, chill (Must use at least three of these)

The light of a candle, as Carols are sung. And a chilly greeting card bringing a blizzard of love. Praise Yahweh!!!

Category 3- Tradition

Bible Study is the best ‘Tradition’ in our home, every day and night!!!

Category 4- Furry

I realize that this is not exactly ‘furry’ as in an animal. But I happened to not have an animal at this time. Yarn is ‘furry’ and with a little imagination, a ‘furry’ sweet kitten could be the cause of this small entanglement. Furry Blessings to you.


Category 5- Disguise

In the dark of the night… emerges chewy goodness. Praise Yahweh for these sweet morsels in disguise.

(This contest sure is tough. But fun!)


Category 6- Epiphany ( and a bonus photo for another team ~Something that makes you happy)

Photos to be posted…

More coming soon…


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